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We organize a hunting tour for animals and birds, taking into account the individual wishes of the client. The solution of all related issues.


We select the best places to stay, taking into account the individual wishes of the client and the planned budget.


Assistance in making stuffed trophy animals. We create special medallions for attaching trophies. Engraving on horns, various souvenirs for hunters.

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Reviews of satisfied hunters and fishermen




Hunting took place for a wolf with flags in Belarus in January 2019, for the first time. I would like to thank the entire Dirhant team for their effective hunting and huntsmen! Everything was great, we will come again!




I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of deerhunt for the excellent professional hunting, friendly atmosphere, new contacts. You guys are the best!!! I would like to sincerely thank the huntsmen for their tremendous work and excellent organization of the corral hunt!!! I recommend and advise only DEERHUNT!!! Once again, thank you very much!



Krasnodar 25.11.20

Thank you to the Deerhant and the huntsmen for the hunt in the forest! We were in 2020 for a deer, the result: a trophy of 8 kg. Everything is clear, organized and to the point. We will come again, we send greetings to everyone!




Dmitry, good afternoon! Thank you again for organizing the hunt and a warm welcome!
Please send a record of the deer and a calculation for the calculation to vatsap.

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  • Hunting bison individually
  • Deer hunting 20 Aug. - 31 Jan.
  • Moose hunting 20 Aug. - 31 Jan.
  • European Roe Deer hunting 15 May - 31 Dec.
  • Wild boar hunting all year round
  • Wolf hunting all year round
  • Goose hunting 13.03 - 09.05 and 18.09 - 12.12
  • Black grouse hunting 20.03 - 10.05 and 14.08 - 12.12
  • Capercaillie hunting 20.03 - 10.05